February 3, 2013

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Queen of Ice-Skating wows the judges and the audience

Yuna Kim from South Korea wowed the audience with her immaculate performance in 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver. This is what Sonia Bianchetti Garbato (figure skating referee and author) and Michelle Kwan (two-time Olympic medalist and five-time World Champion) said about her performance.

The way she uses her arms, her head and her body while skating on deep edges. She is as light as a feather. She is breathtaking on the ice, a real marvel. - Sonia Bianchetti
I have never seen a skater with such a combination of artistry and athleticism. From the first notes of her sassy James Bond medley to the closing Gershwin strains, Kim's inspiring performances in Vancouver changed the face of figureskating forever. - Michelle Kwan